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PVS Solutions Private Limited  stands as a beacon of expertise in the comprehensive planning, promotion, coordination, and oversight of India's environmental and forestry initiatives. Our commitment spans the meticulous implementation of policies and programs focused on conserving the nation's natural resources, including lakes and rivers, biodiversity, forests, wildlife, and pollution reduction.

IRO site visit and Plantion at Navnera dam site (1) IRO site visit and Plantion at Navnera dam site (1)
IRO site visit Kota dam

Key Focus Areas

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Our Work Areas Include

Operating on the principles of sustainable development and the advancement of human and animal welfare, PVS Solutions Private Limited strives to be a driving force in shaping a sustainable and harmonious future. Our dedicated team takes pride in stewarding India's natural heritage, aiming to leave behind a lasting legacy of environmental responsibility for generations to come.

Forest Clearance

Facilitating responsible and sustainable forest clearance processes.

Environmental Clearance

Navigating the complexities of environmental clearance to ensure responsible project implementation.

Wildlife Clearance

Advocating for wildlife-friendly practices and obtaining necessary clearances for projects in sensitive areas.


Balancing the needs of resource extraction with sustainable and environmentally
conscious practices