DFO Side visit NH-150A Bellary to Challakhere Project Karnataka 2 DFO Side visit NH-150A Bellary to Challakhere Project Karnataka 2
IRO site visit and Plantion at Navnera dam site (1)

Environmental Clearance

We excel in offering comprehensive services

We excel in offering comprehensive services for the preparation and processing of proposals under the Environmental Protection Act of 1986, including its 2006 amendment. Our proficiency extends to diverse projects such as Rail, Road, Mining (Coal/Mineral), WRD, Irrigation and river Valley, Hydro,

Thermal Power and transmission, Industrial Park, and Runway projects. We establish crucial connections with the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) and the State Pollution Control Board to ensure seamless project execution.

Environmental Legal Expertise

We navigate the complex legal framework established by the Environmental Protection Act of 1986 and its 2006 amendment. Our adept team ensures that proposals align with the regulatory requirements, facilitating a smooth and compliant process.

PVS's Unique Offerings

Our distinctive approach at PVS includes specialized expertise in generating baseline data on crucial environmental parameters such as land and water. This commitment to thorough research adds an extra layer of precision to our services, ensuring that projects meet environmental standards and regulations.

Why We Stand Out

Diverse Project Portfolio

From Rail to Runway, our services cover a wide spectrum of projects.

Strategic Liaison

We establish effective connections with key bodies like the MoEFCC and State Pollution Control Board for streamlined project processing.

Legal Compliance

Our team ensures proposals align with the Environmental Protection Act and its amendments, guaranteeing legal compliance

Baseline Data Excellence

PVS Solution specialises in generating comprehensive baseline data, ensuring precision and adherence to environmental parameters.

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