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At PVS Solutions Private Limited

At PVS Solutions Private Limited  we specialize in the intricate preparation and processing of Forest land diversion proposals, adhering to the Forest Conservation Act of 1980. Our expertise extends across a spectrum of projects, ranging from Rail and Road to Mining (Coal/Mineral), WRD, Irrigation and River Valley, Hydro,

Thermal Power and Transmission, Industrial Parks, and Runways. We have successfully navigated regulatory landscapes across multiple states, including UP, UK, MP, CG, GJ, MH, JH, OR, and KR.

Legal Mastery in Forest Conservation

Our dedicated team at PVS boasts an in-depth understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding forest conservation. We are well-versed in the legal framework established by the Forest Conservation Act 1980 and employ our expertise to ensure compliance and seamless project execution.

PVS's Distinctive Approach

What sets us apart is our ability to navigate the regulatory landscape seamlessly. We excel in facilitating online submissions and engaging in persuasive advocacy, particularly in the submission of Form A (Part-I) under Section 2 of the Forest Conservation Act of 1980. Our commitment to detail and compliance positions us as a reliable partner for clients seeking excellence in forest conservation processes.

Key Focus Areas

Comprehensive Expertise

From Rail to Runways, we handle a diverse range of projects with precision.

Multi-State Presence

Our successful navigation spans across states, demonstrating adaptability to varied regulatory environments.

Legal Acumen

PVS Solution excels in understanding and applying legal frameworks for effective forest conservation.

Seamless Processes

Our approach ensures hassle-free online submissions and persuasive advocacy, streamlining the Forest Conservation Act procedures.

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